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Project Peg-leg (title not final) is an action sidescroller featuring a bold appearance , simple gameplay (that will be deeper on release but still simple), and a visual style that's a little bit minimalist and a little bit retro (but not final).

(formerly known as "CC", formerly known as "stab quest")

This demo may not work on some older systems or some laptops due to being 64-bit.

Right now I'm looking for feedback on the feel of the controls and movement, and to a lesser degree feedback on the visuals.

Controls are listed and changeable in the controls menu. You can pause the game and access menus with the Escape key or the start/menu button on a controller. Controller support should work fine for Xbox and Xbox-compatible controllers, but non-xinput controllers are not supported currently. Stairs are designed to be able to be walked through. Press the up or down arrow keys (or whatever you've mapped up and down to) to get on stairs when at the bottom or top of a staircase.

Please report any bugs you find.

If you are interested in helping this game have better art, please contact me.


This game is currently unavailable


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Not much to say but the controls seem fine except you can bind one key to multiple functions. Jump stopping your forward movement or any momentum feels wrong and if you fix it there's no use for the climbing button but to maybe climb stairs and free up/down to be an interaction key, combat key(look up and hit upwards with your main attack).

Not too sure how you're supposed to get here either without momentum. I'm sure nothing needs to be said about visuals, but at least the cardboard enemies can be used. Best of luck.

Sorry to take so long, I'm still not used to getting feedback.

Having multiple bindings for the same key is intentional, in case someone wants multiple functions per key-- several times I've been frustrated at a game preventing that and requiring me to memorize more keys.

The climb function will be more useful in the final game.

Jumps don't kill your momentum, they preserve it. If you are holding a direction when you press jump you'll jump in that direction. The trick is you can't change direction in the air, so you have to plan your jumps. It's not too hard to jump to the floating platform.

That's a good idea about the attack ability. The standard attack will have more verticality in the final game, but I may use that idea anyway.

Thank you for your feedback.