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CC (title not final) is an action sidescroller featuring a bold appearance (art not final), simple gameplay (mechanics not final), a slightly minimalist and slightly retro style (style not final), and more (description not final).

(formerly known as "stab quest", formerly known as "hit things and stuff",  more recently known as "Project Peg-leg")

The demo might not work on older systems or some laptops due to being 64-bit.

Right now I'm looking for feedback on the feel of the controls and movement, and to a lesser degree feedback on some of the more complicated designs (namely the enemies, the ground, and the lantern).

Controls are listed and changeable in the controls menu, which is accessed by pressing Esc (or the start button) to pause and then selecting Controls with the arrows (or a d-pad) and pressing Enter (or A on a controller). Controller support should work fine for Xbox and compatible controller, but analog sticks and non-xinput controllers are not supported yet. Stairs are designed to be able to be walked through; press the up arrow (or whatever you've mapped stairs to) to get on them when at the bottom or top of a staircase.

Please report any bugs you find.

If you are interested in helping this game have better art, please contact me.


CC_demo_day_14.zip 2 MB

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